Discover How to Balance Your Hormones, Increase Your Fertility, and Prepare Your Body for a Nourished Pregnancy and Postpartum Experience.


Providing our hormones with the proper food and environment in order to function properly can be confusing. However, these things are absolutely essential to keep your hormones healthy, happy, and your body thriving. Changing your nutrition and lifestyle is key to unlocking your most nourished body, and ultimately creating the healthiest environment for your baby (or future baby) to grow.

In This Course You Can Expect To...

Learn everything you need to know about which nutrient-dense foods and supplements you should be taking to support your unique hormones, fertility, and baby.

Find out how to make easy, inexpensive swaps in your home to avoid the potentially harmful chemicals that may be wreaking havoc on your hormonal balance.

Master your mindset around food and your health, and start feeling happier and reducing stress immediately with a few small habit changes.

Discover the perfect type and amount of exercise to support your unique body while you heal your hormones or prepare for you baby.

This Course is For You If...

You are experiencing painful and/or irregular menstrual cycles, OR your cycle is nonexistent.

You have been diagnosed with PCOS, Thyroid problems, and/or infertility.

You want to become pregnant someday, and would like to optimize your health and hormones beforehand.

You are currently pregnant and hoping to keep your body and baby as nourished as possible during this crucial time.

You are in the postpartum stage and hoping to recover quickly while feeling your very best.

You are breastfeeding and looking to maintain a healthy milk supply.

You love connecting with and supporting other women who are ready to make big changes in their lives.

You are looking for a LONG TERM solution to your health and are ready to make a CHANGE THAT LASTS.


The HAPPY HORMONE SOLUTION is a group coaching program for women who are pre-pregnancy, pregnant, or postpartum who want to learn to take charge of their hormonal health and create the healthiest mamas and babies possible

The group course is 6 weeks in length. Women in the group meet weekly via Zoom calls and inside a private Facebook group, receiving nutritional/lifestyle coaching, problem solving, and making connections with like-minded women along the way.

All Zoom calls are recorded, and you will have access to 6 teaching modules for life. Each module comes with transformational resources, PDF’s and homework assignments, as well as specific action steps/assignments to provide accountability as you move through the program.

You also have direct access to ME (Kelly) on group coaching calls, inside a private Facebook group, and with messenger support for the duration of the course. I truly want to link arms with you, empower you to make lifelong changes, and bring you the results that you desire.

Who Am I?

I am a nutritional therapist who understands what it’s like to have your hormones ALL out of whack.

Before changing my nutrition and mindset, I struggled with irregular periods, menstrual cramps, hormonal acne, low energy, and MAJOR mood swings.

I thought that this was “normal” and figured that my genetics were to blame.

Doctors told me that it would likely be difficult for me to conceive someday due to my irregular cycles. They advised that I stay on hormonal birth control to “regulate” my periods.

This left me feeling hopeless, but luckily I was able to find a better way.

After some research, I discovered the power of REAL food and all of the influence that it has on our hormones. After improving my food and my mindset, my health started to improve drastically.

My acne cleared. The extra pounds came off. My mood stabilized. My monthly cycle normalized and became pain-free. I have had three healthy babies in 5 years, without complication.

Because I experienced so much success through lifestyle and nutritional changes, I decided to go back to school for nutritional therapy to help other women see success in these areas, as well.

By focusing on our own health before conception or during the pregnancy/postpartum stages, we can also start our children off on the right foot. By creating the most NOURISHED and NUTRITIOUS environment for a baby to grow, we are setting their little bodies up for a lifetime of HEALTH and VITALITY.

I’ve devoured years of schooling, books, and research on this topic, and I’m SO ready to pass what I’ve learned along to you. I offer nutritional advice specifically designed to support your hormones and reproductive cycle that you likely won’t hear from your doctor or even most books on the market.

Remember, this is not just another diet that you’ll most likely fail at; this is advice that will carry you through the rest of your life. Your body wants to work FOR you, not against you. Let’s work together to make this happen.

what is included...

Module 1: Your Mindset

We will be starting with what I believe to be the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to healing your hormones: your mindset. Most nutritional plans will neglect this area entirely. I’m going to teach you exactly what you need for your hormones (and YOU!) to be HAPPIER. Let go of the belief that becoming healthier is dependent upon following a grueling exercise and diet plan. Learn that HOW you talk to yourself is crucial for optimal health and hormones.

Module 2: Self Care and Stress Management

Are you of the mindset that “self care” = red wine, bubble baths, and manicures? While these things CAN bring joy, they do not create any lasting inner peace or satisfaction. In this module, learn how to practice TRUE self care and stress management in a way that will deeply change your life and health.

Module 3: Nutrition

It isn’t a mistake that the “food talk” is put off until WEEK 3 of the program. In order to make true changes nutritionally, you must first focus on the reasons why you have struggled with food choices in the past. Once you have accomplished this, you are now ready to learn how to deeply nourish your hormones. You won’t find any expensive diet products in my program, just real food that can be found in nature. Learn which foods specifically support your hormonal issues, as well as which foods are powerhouses for preparing your body to grow a healthy baby

Module 4: Supplements

In this module, learn which supplements will be beneficial to support your specific health concerns. Because our food supply lacks certain vitamins and minerals due to over-farming practices and herbicides/pesticides, it is important to make sure we are absorbing the nutrients that we need for balanced hormones and nourished bodies.

Module 5: Living a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

Unfortunately the world we live in is basically a “chemical soup” that is probably at least partially to blame for hormonal imbalances and rising infertility. In this module, learn which chemicals are the worst offenders, and steps that you can take in your home to avoid coming into contact with them.

Module 6: Exercise

Exercise can be a tricky topic when it comes to our hormones and fertility. You may unknowingly be over- or under-doing your exercise, which can unfortunately result in less-than-optimal hormone balance. In this module, find out how to support your hormones through the type and amount of exercise that is perfect for you.

Getting started on the path to a more nourished and balanced body is easy! Enroll in HHS today!

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